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Vern Felt

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Vern Felt is the newest member of the Love Team. In 1972, Vern was born on Luke Airforce Base in Arizona. He never had the chance to love Arizona since he was only there for a few months. All by the age of 3, he moved to Northern Michigan, followed by Mountain Home Airforce Base.

Vern was raised in the desert of Idaho. As a child, he spent his time fishing the Snake river, racing motocross and BMX. He played all sports including Football, Baseball, Soccer and too many more to list. He was also a boy scout. Anything that was active and outdoors, He was there!

Finally, at the age of 13, he moved to his home state of Alaska, where he traded his motocross life for a four wheeler and a driver’s permit. For many years he was a Ski Racer. He competed his way up to the Jr Olympic Level. After that he decided he wanted to be a coach. During his time as a coach he was approached to help out two special Olympic skiers. He and his coaching partner gave them a warming welcome to their training group. Those two took Gold and Silver that year. The gold medal winner can be found amongst the first five inductees to the Alaska Hall of Fame. Many years later he helped sponsor one of his former students, He has been trying to make the cut for the World Cup Series. His youngest student, his son, skied his first solo run before the age of two.

Vern has tried a lot of different career paths. He has always had so much ambition. His first job, at 15 years old was a dishwasher for Red Robin. He took it upon himself to reorganized the dish washing process and ended up cutting the cost of labor by 50%. After two weeks, he was promoted to Head of the Cold Side of the line, where he continued to cut labor cost by 30%.

After his food service days, he decided to go for property maintenance and landscaping. He mastered this very quickly and wanted a new challenge in his life and changed to Property Maintenance Handy Man Services.

By 19, he quickly realized he wanted have something of his own, thus was born Vern’s Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning. He ran that for a couple of years before deciding it was time for yet another challenge. At the age of 23, he found himself in the Jewelry industry. Two years later, he started Alaska Gold Productions. One year later he bought David’s Jewelers. This is where he stayed for almost two decades. At age 41, he sold it all.

As he puts it, he decided he didn’t want to work anymore, He just wanted to sell Real Estate. He started at Jack White in 2015. By the end of that year he joined our team. Now he is one of our most productive and determined Realtors. When he isn’t busy working, he is a social butterfly. He loves to fish, hunt, camp, hike and ski. Every day, he strives to go out and try something new. Whether it is trying a new restaurant or climbing the most beautiful mountain, you can always find him out meeting new people and having new experiences. Vern is never shy. As his clients will tell you, “He doesn’t just become your realtor, he becomes your friend”.