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“If you don’t love where you live, what’s the point? We strive to help people make the most of buying or selling a home while creating results you’ll love!”

They Say If You Love Something, Let It Go. So That’s Exactly What Mike & Debbie Love Did.

When they’re not helping people make the most of their real estate opportunities, Mike and Debbie enjoy hiking their dogs through the beauty of Alaska.

When they’re not helping people make the most of their real estate opportunities, their dogs enjoy hiking Mike & Debbie through the beauty of Alaska.

Mike & Debbie Love are Alaskans through and through. He moved here as a young boy. She was born here. They met here, they married here, Alaska is home. But as the old saying goes, if you Love something, let it go. If it comes back, then you know the Love is genuine. In Mike & Debbie’s case, they put their Love for Alaska to the test, and the results came back with a resounding conclusion.

Teamwork in Action

At one point many years ago, Mike & Debbie were offered an opportunity to take jobs at Northwest Missouri State University. They accepted the positions and quickly realized how well they worked together. But the other realization they made was that living in Missouri simply wasn’t as fulfilling as the life they knew and Loved back home in Alaska. They fulfilled their obligation to the University and returned to the majestic lands and warm people of Alaska.

Voices of Experience

After returning to Alaska and nearly a decade of successfully owning and running several small retail stores, Mike & Debbie found their Love for Alaska and her people naturally led to a career in real estate. What could be more fulfilling in life than helping someone realize their dream of owning their own home? Quite simply, when dealing with something as important as buying or selling a home, Mike & Debbie believe you gotta Love it! Or it’s not the right decision for such a significant investment.

For buyers, that means having the patience and resources to find the exact right house, no matter how long it takes or how many properties you need to visit. For sellers it means going above and beyond to market your home aggressively, pricing it right and maximizing your return on investment. To that end, Mike & Debbie view their roles as much more than simply helping people buy and sell real estate. From the original concept of buying or selling to the final transfer of title, Mike & Debbie will walk you through step by step to make the entire process smooth. It’s about creating results you’ll Love.

“The key to the quality of life is you have to truly Love it,” Mike says. “We’re big believers that you have to Love where you live. You have to Love your home.”

Love Your REALTOR®

If you’re considering a move, go ahead and set your standards high. Don’t settle for anything less than results you’ll Love, because that’s exactly what you’ll get when you work with longtime Anchorage real estate experts Mike & Debbie Love. Contact them today and schedule a complimentary private consultation. You’ll be glad you did!